General Equipment

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    Invest in the Fairtex Gym Bag (BAG2) today and experience the convenience and durability of a high-quality gym bag that can fit everything and is easy to carry.


    Gym Gear Bag

    Muay Thai Training on the Go: Fairtex Gym Bag for Your Training Needs The Fairtex Gym Bag (BAG2), th

    Was: $150.00
    Now: $120.00
  • Improve your fitness and stamina with Fairtex Skipping Rope, suitable for all levels of fitness. Made from durable materials, adjustable and perfect for martial arts enthusiasts.


    Speed Skipping Ropes

    Step Up Your Training Routine with Fairtex Skipping Jump Ropes Our Fairtex skipping jump rope is sui

  • Floor mounted spinning wooden man.  Made in China from hard red oak wood.  Affordable and compact.  Assemble on your own.


    Wing Chun Wooden Man

    Train Like a Pro with a Freestanding Wing Chun Wooden Dummy (sorry all pre-sold) A freestanding woo