Japanese Weapons

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  • Kendo Japanese bamboo sword. Available in 38" or 39" Suitable for everyday Kendo sparring. Includes guard for hand protection.


    Japanese Training Shinai

    Experience Authentic Japanese Training with our Shinai Bamboo Sword The Bamboo Shinai Sword is an es

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    Lightweight and durable, these kamas are made of top-grade polypropylene that closely matches the real weapon in length, size, weight and feel. Features a realistic grip and cut-resistant construction.


    Cold Steel Kama

    Master the Art of Kama,Train with Safe Polypropylene Black Kama Polypropylene black kama is the perf

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    Looking for a durable and sturdy training tool for martial arts? Check out our black wooden tonfa, available in 18 or 20. Perfect for beginners!


    Black Wooden Tonfa

    Black Wooden Tonfa: The Perfect Training Tool for Martial Arts Enthusiasts Our Tonfa have the follow

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    These Black Octagonal Nunchaku are as traditional as it gets, the rope cord gives you great control, precise movement and a quiet, smooth swinging motion.  Available in 12' or 14'


    Black Nunchaku With Cord

    Elevate Your Training Game with our 12' or 14' Nunchaku Whether you are a seasoned martial arts prac

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  • Japanese 19.5"  Made in Japan.  From chrome steel  and cotton cord wrapped handles.  Length 50cm : Handle width 13.5cm : Weight under 680grams


    Japanese 19.5" Sai

    Introducing Our Premium Japanese Octagonal Chrome Sai with Cord Bound Handles Our Japanese-made sai

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    This samurai sword saya is made of lightweight hardened plastic and sized perfectly for carrying a wooden bokken or plastic sword.


    Scabbard For Swords

    Protect Your Katana with our Durable Polypropylene Scabbard The polypropylene black scabbard for a t

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    Unleash your inner warrior with our Sai Octagonal Chrome with Leather Wrapped Handles Pair - perfect for karate and self-defense training. Available in 18, 19.5, and 21.5 lengths.


    Octagonal Sai Weapons

    Unleash Your Inner Warrior with Our Sai Octagonal Chrome Pair with Leather Handles These sai are sol

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    Nunchaku stance and foot work pattern poster. Great addition to any purchase of nunchaku.


    Nunchaku Kata Poster

    Improve Your Nunchaku Techniques with Our Nunchaku Kata Training Poster The nunchaku poster provides

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