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Taiwanese Red Oak Suburi Bokken

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Increase your Strength and Endurance with the Heavy Tsuburi Bokken Conditioning Sword

Build muscle mass and improve your overall martial arts performance with the Japanese training sword bokken. This exceptional training tool is designed to increase strength and endurance through regular use. Here's how it does it:

  • Builds Muscles in Arms, Shoulders, and Back: The weight of the bokken helps develop muscle mass in key areas of the body that are used during martial arts movements, such as arms, shoulders, and back.
  • Increase Stamina by Regular Training Sessions: Consistent use of the bokken can boost stamina levels over time due to its resistance-based exercises.
  • Improves Flexibility through Range of Motion Exercises: Using a variety of range-of-motion exercises with a Japanese training sword bokken increases flexibility in a way that other forms of exercise cannot.

This suburi bokken sword is quite a bit heavier than the standard size bokken. This is to help you build up your strength and technique to help you with your sword work development. 

  • Length:105cm

Initially, the bokken may not feel that much heavier but because of the extra leverage you get from it’s length your soon notice your arms burning from the practice. Ideal for any practitioner training in Kendo, Aikido or Ninjitsu.