Japanese Bokken Carry Bag

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Protect Your Bokken, with this Stylish Cotton Traditional Japanese Weapons Bag

Looking for a suitable bag to transport your training bokken to and from training?  We have the perfect bag for this, 100% cotton and with a traditional navy blue/green color it allows you to carry your bokken without needing to remove your guard (tsuba) 

The design on the bag has a traditional motif symbolizing the term "尚武", pronounced "Shobu", meaning "fighting spirit" in English. It is a symbol that we see quite often in Budo (martial arts)

Our Single bokken sword carry bag has no handles and is designed to be carried in ones' hand.  There is a industrial cord tie up at the top to make sure your training bokken stays in place and the base of the bag has reienforced stitching. 

Protect your bokken with this stylish Japanese made bokken carry bag today!