Three Sectional Foam Padded Staff

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  • Three Sectional Foam Padded Staff
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Nobody jumps right in to training with a real martial arts weapon. Why risk injury to yourself or others when you can pick up a training weapon designed to aid you in your chosen art?

Our Foam Chain Three-Section Staff offers the perfect middle-ground between pure trainer staff and the real deal. With durable, metal chain links attached to swivel joints, the look and feel of a genuine three section staff are maintained, while the foam rubber wrapped sections guarantee a softer knock on the noggin should a move go astray.

The three section staff is one of the most challenging martial arts weapons to master. Why not give yourself the best possible chance to really learn it?

Get your chain staff training off right. Add this Foam Chain Three-Section Staff to your cart today!

Product Details:

  • Foam Rubber Outer - Ideal for beginners!
  • Sturdy Steel Chain Link - Smooth swivel connectors!
  • Versatile 3-Section Design - Choose the length you need on the fly!

Foam Chain Three-Section Staff Dimensions:

  • 26.5" Section Length (approx)

Key Features

  • Made of foam with PVC core
  • 3 separate 26" long sections
  • Ball bearing chain system

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