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Introducing the pinnacle of protection and performance in taekwondo gear: the Adidas World Taekwondo Federation (WT) approved gloves. 

Crafted with precision and innovation, these gloves are designed to elevate your training and competition experience to new heights.

Engineered with the athlete in mind, these gloves boast a lightweight construction filled with impact-absorbing EVA foam. This ensures that every strike is met with superior shock absorption, reducing the risk of injury while allowing you to focus on perfecting your technique.

The firm fitting design of these gloves offers more than just protection; it provides a comfortable grip bar and thumb protection, allowing for enhanced control and precision in every movement. Say goodbye to slipping and discomfort – these gloves are optimized for performance.

To further enhance your experience, these gloves feature a wrap-around lycra wrist strap. This innovative design provides unparalleled support and a secure fit, ensuring that your gloves stay in place even during the most intense training sessions or competitions.

Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or just starting your taekwondo journey, trust in Adidas to deliver the quality and performance you need. Elevate your game with the Adidas WTF approved gloves and experience the difference for yourself.