Black 12oz Canvas Karate Uniform

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Perfect Your Techniques with Our Heavy-Duty 12oz Canvas Karate Uniform

Whether you practice ninjutsu or kempo karate, this uniform is designed to meet your needs. The heavy 12oz fabric provides durability and a nice feel, while the long jacket offers ample coverage during training and competitions.

Our 12oz black uniform is made from high-quality canvas material that is designed to withstand heavy training and rigorous use. The fabric is thick and durable, providing excellent protection and allowing you to train with confidence.

Is this uniform suitable for other martial arts styles? Yes, to a degree it is durable enough for some grappling but being a 12oz brushed cotton canvas this gi is ideal used for Kata's and hard training.

We recommend that you wash the uniform in cold water and drip dry to maintain it's shape and colour. (no belt is included)