Bo Carry Bag Hard PVC with Shoulder Strap

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The Ultimate Bo Weapons Carry Bag: Designed for 2 Full Length Bo

Introducing our Hard Bo Carry Case: the perfect solution for martial arts enthusiasts who need to transport their bo weapons safely and conveniently.

This carry case is specifically designed to accommodate two 1.8m bo staffs, ensuring that they remain protected and secure during transportation.

With its durable construction, this carry case provides excellent protection for your bo staffs. The interior of the case is divided into two compartments, preventing the bo staffs from banging together and causing damage. This feature ensures that your bo staffs stay in pristine condition, ready for your next training session or competition.

For added convenience, our carry case is equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap. This allows you to carry your bo staffs comfortably, leaving your hands free for other tasks. Whether you're heading to the dojo or traveling to a tournament, our carry case makes it easy to transport your bo weapons with ease.

Invest in our Hard Bo Carry Case today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your bo staffs are protected and ready for action.