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Unleash Your Inner Fighter: Top-Quality Thai-Made Boxing Gloves for Muay Thai

Our boxing gloves are made with the finest materials and craftsmanship. The leather velcro strap ensures a secure fit, while the padding provides maximum protection and support for your hands.
Whether you are a beginner or a professional fighter, our gloves are perfect for all types of training, including sparring, bag work, and mitt work.

  • Extra long for added wrist support
  • 100% leather
  • Secure tight velcro strap

Muay Thai is a traditional martial art that demands the highest quality gear, and our gloves are no exception.

Imported directly from Thailand, they are part of the Muay Thai brand range, which has been producing top-quality gear since 1970. Our gloves are virtually unknown outside of Thailand, but their quality is on par with the most well-known brands, like TWINS.

They are especially popular in upcountry kaai muay, or training camps, where fighters demand the best gear for intense training sessions. Choose from different weight options by using the dropdown menu to find the perfect fit for your needs.