Canvas Makiwara Board

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Get the Ultimate Karate Workout with a Traditional Makiwara Punching Pad

Looking for a way to improve your punching power? This large strike pad is a must-have piece of equipment for any martial arts enthusiast looking to improve their hand conditioning and strike power. 

With a variety of different strikes possible, this pad is perfect for practicing a range of techniques and building up endurance for prolonged training sessions. The pad is easy to fit to a wall and can be used for solo training or with a partner.

Using the makiwara pad regularly can help to develop more powerful punches and improve overall striking technique.

  • 42cm L 
  • 22cm W
  • Screws into any wall

The dragon motif on the canvas is a stylish element to training and serves as a useful target point for strikes. Whether you're a karate student or a seasoned martial artist, this strike pad is an essential tool for improving your skills and achieving your goals.