Double Weapon's Carry Bag

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Protect Your Bokken, Shinai or Tanto with this High-Quality Traditional Japanese Weapons Bag

Our Kusakura traditional green/blue weapons bag is the perfect option for you to transport your training weapons in to and from class.

  • Can fit 2 Shinai or
  • 2 Bokken + Tanto or
  • Shinai + Bokken + Jo

The traditional Japanese weapons carry bag does not come with a shoulder strap it is designed to carried on one's hand. The design on the bag has a traditional motif symbolizing the term "尚武", pronounced "Shobu", meaning "fighting spirit" in English, this a symbol that we see quite often in Budo (martial arts).

The bag has a side split opening and the both ends of the bag are sealed providing secure enclosures which prevents weapons from accidentally falling out. The base of the bag is reinforced with industrial p.u. to add durability and the top of the bag is designed to "folded over" and tied securely to keep your training weapons in place.

This carry bag is made from durable cotton making it a eco-friendly choice, it is also a good way to help keep your training weapons from being knocked around or "lost" on the way to and from training.

Invest in weapons bag and keep your shinai, bokken, jo and tanto safe and undamaged.