Free Standing Makiwara Machine

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Revolutionize Your Martial Arts Training with a Free-Standing Makiwara Punching Machine

Our free standing makiwara punching machine is used for training in martial arts, particularly in karate. The vertical leather target pad, is designed to improve a practitioner's punching technique.

The machine is free standing and can be adjusted to different heights to accommodate different users, and provides a consistent and stable target for punching practice, allowing martial artists to develop accuracy, power, and speed in their punching techniques.

Standing makiwara target pad measuring 1.4m in height

  • Hand crafted (special pine wood makiwara (melis pine / mobila)
  • Must be used appropriately injuries may be caused if not used correctley.
  • Strengthens fist and bones in hand.
  • Made only for punching
  • Includes Iron base (with black protective painting) for FLOOR fixing

Instructions: Needs 4 holes in a strong floor, Total height  - 140cm, Width - 10cm, Bottom Depth - 5cm, Top Depth - 1.3cm