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High Quality Iai-To Blade

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Experience Authenticity with Our Japanese-Made Iaido Swords

Introducing the Iaito "Tokusei" - a Japanese made Iaido training sword that is perfect for beginners. Made from reinforced high-quality zinc/aluminum alloy, this sword is lightweight and well-balanced, allowing for smooth, controlled movements during practice.

The blade of the Iaito "Tokusei" is not sharpened, making it safe for practice and reducing the risk of injury. It is encased in a black lacquered scabbard and comes with a sword bag cover for easy transport.

This sword is designed with superior balance, allowing it to cut through the air with precision and create the signature sound of a well-made sword. The tsuba is well-balanced, making it easy to handle and control, even for beginners.

While the Iaito "Tokusei" is our basic model, it is well-suited for those who are just starting their Iaido practice.

When selecting a Japanese made sword for Iaido practice, it is important to consider factors such as materials, balance, blade length and curvature, and the reputation of the sword maker.