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Japanese Red Oak Straight Bo

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Master the Art of Sparring: Introducing Our Japanese-Made Red Oak Bo Staff

Bo the weapon, is part of the Okinawan kobudo weapons system. Made in the land of the Rising sun (Japan), where quality is synonymous for this high end Japanese training bo staff.  Designed for a everyday sparring training, this staff is flawless in finish & will outlast the lifespan of inferior staffs.

Made from premium quality hardwood Red Oak wood, this Bo karate training staff is well-balanced and provides the perfect weight for sparring and practice sessions. The smooth surface of the staff allows for a comfortable grip and prevents slippage during intense training sessions.

  • 3cm thickness
  • 1.81m full length

Used by martial artists of all levels, this training staff is an essential tool for those who are serious about honing their skills. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner in bōjutsu, this Japanese-made bo staff offers the perfect combination of durability, balance, and precision. Invest in this superior training staff and take your martial arts training to the next level.