Makiwara Punching Pad 11"

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Improve Your Striking Techniques with our Wall-Mounted Makiwara Punch Pad

The Leather Makiwara Board is a must-have training tool for any martial arts enthusiast looking to improve their striking skills. With its design based on the original Makiwara, this board offers the same benefits of the traditional post, but with the added convenience of being easily transportable and mountable.

  • Padded makiwara block. Designed to be attached to a wall. 
  • Measures 27.5cm x  w14.4cm 

Made with high-quality materials including a hard wood backing and a leather strike pad, this board is durable and built to last. Its unique spring design allows for accurate feedback on strikes, helping users to perfect their technique and build strength in their strikes.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced martial artist, the Leather Makiwara Board is a valuable addition to your training equipment.

Its versatility in allowing for a wide range of striking options makes it a must-have for anyone looking to improve their skills in Karate and other martial arts.


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    Makiwara Pad

    Posted by Michael Day on 27th Aug 2022

    very good product - really great piece of conditioning equipment