MMA Leather Gloves

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Made from of genuine leather these gloves are comfortable and long lasting. 

Double wrist velcro closure provides ultimate wrist support. Great for grappling and striking in the dojo, these gloves offer maximum wrist support & knuckle protection. 

Improved finger dexterity, enhanced handle on grappling moves, and sturdy wrist support are all essential for better grip and control during MMA sparring. Here's how you can achieve it:

  • Improved Finger Dexterity:  these gloves have thinner padding around the fingers to allow greater flexibility in your hand movements.
  • Enhanced Handle on Grappling Moves:  with additional padding in the palm area to provide extra grip when grabbing onto opponents during training or sparring.
  • Sturdy Wrist Support: strong wrist straps to keep your wrists stable and secure while throwing punches or engaging in grappling maneuvers.

MMA sparring is a crucial component of mixed martial arts training, but it can also be dangerous without the proper protective gear. MMA sparring gloves not only safeguard your hands from injuries, but they also provide the necessary support for better performance and technique

Also, still at an affordable price!