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New Zealands Finest: The 10oz Bull Denium Drill Martial Arts Pants

Proudly made here in New Zealand with 100% bull denim cotton 10oz cotton, bull denim is a hardy fabric with a denim-like texture. This fabric is designed to withstand the rigours of martial arts training while providing comfort and flexibility for the wearer. 

These pants are considered unisex, they are designed to be comfortable and functional for both men and women practicing martial arts. The pants have a traditional martial arts style with a drawstring waistband and a tapered leg for ease of movement. They are available in various sizes to fit a range of body types.

How to wash cotton pants? Always in cold water and line dry- cotton is a natural fibre and under extreme heat conditions will shrink more than they should.

To ensure that your 10oz bull denim drill martial arts pants last for a long time, it is important to care for them properly.