Polypropylene Kung Fu Broad Sword

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The Ultimate Polypropylene Kungfu Broadsword for Serious Martial Artists

This training weapon is made of top grade polypropylene and closely matches a real kung fu sword in length, size, weight, and feel. Constructed to be lightweight and durable for demonstration work. Features a realistic grip.

The kung-fu broad sword (dao) has been a staple in martial arts training for centuries. Now, with this durable training sword, practitioners can hone their skills without the fear of damaging their weapon.

The polypropylene construction ensures that the blade will not break or chip, even during intense training sessions.

  • Blade length 65cm -
  • Handle is 15cm
  • Total overall length 80cm
  • Weight 650 grams

In addition to its durability, this training broadsword closely matches the weight and feel of a real kung fu sword, allowing for a more realistic training experience.

The realistic grip also adds to the authenticity of the training weapon, giving users a better understanding of how to wield a traditional kung-fu broadsword. This training dao is the perfect size for both beginners and advanced practitioners.