Premium Japanese Iai-To Blade

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Unleash Your Inner Samurai with Our High-Quality Iaido Swords

The Koto Koshirae is a heavy Iaito, especially designed for intermediate to advanced practitioners. It is a replica of the swords used in pre-Muromachi period (1338-1573), the Fuchi and Kashira are in wrought iron, featuring a silver illumination in the shape of a snowflake. The blade also features a finish in Ookissaki (or Daikissaki - long tip).

Particularly well balanced, this Iaito has known for reproducing to perfection the balance of the first Japanese Katana. Perfect for practitioners seeking a very heavy Iaito.

Presented in a beautiful black lacquered scabbarb with a length of 2.5 shaku. This is the ultimate Iai-do sword with a balance that is near prefect-you can hear the clear sound of air being cut. Comes encased in a Japanese silk double lined bag. Made in Japan