Wooden Tai Chi Sword

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Master the Art of Tai Chi with Our Wooden Sword - 36 Inches

Introducing our wooden Tai Chi sword made from high-quality red oak wood, perfect for martial arts enthusiasts seeking durable equipment. Measuring at 36 inches in length, this sword is great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. 

Crafted with a 74cm blade and a carved Yin Yang symbol in the guard, this sword is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. It is ideal for Tai Chi form practice and some sticking sword training.

Partner practice is no problem with this sword, as it is made from tough Red Oak wood that can withstand repeated use. Please note that there is no tassel included with this sword.

Invest in a reliable and long-lasting Tai Chi sword for your practice. Order now and experience the quality of our wooden Tai Chi sword made from durable red oak wood.