Thai Kick Pads

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Top-Quality Thai Pads for Martial Arts Training


Made from premium cowhide leather, these kick pads are more durable than the standard buffalo leather used in most pads sold on the market. 

Designed with ergonomics in mind, the curved shape of these pads fits perfectly on the forearm of the trainer, making them easier to hold and stay balanced during training. The soft and flexible material of these pads ensures that they remain comfortable, even during the first use. This feature makes them perfect for everyone, especially women, kids, and amateur fighters.

Pad Functionality

These kick pads are easy to handle and maneuver, allowing trainers to focus on their technique. The soft pads on the head are specifically designed for trainers to jab and hook, making these pads versatile and adaptable to different training methods. 

For maximum comfort, these kick pads come with padded straps and forearm support, ensuring that trainers can focus on their techniques without any discomfort. They are sold as a pair, with a left and right pad included.

Invest in the best quality training equipment and take your Muay Thai training to the next level with the Fairtex Curved Leather Kick Pads.