TKD Shin and Instep Guards

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Protect Your Shin and Instep with the Best Taekwondo WT Style Equipment

Shin and instep protection are required for Taekwondo WT Style. They are essential pieces of safety equipment that protect the shins and the tops of the feet from injury during training and sparring.

These full-length pads guard your shin all the way down to the top of your foot (instep) to provide exceptional coverage, comfort and performance.

Constructed of a new poly-span material that is lightweight and provides better ventilation and increases comfort.  Perfect full coverage protection for anyone who wears these at sparring classes.

Sizes Available:

  • xsmall - <134cm
  • Small- 134cm-152cm
  • Medium 152cm-170cm
  • Large - 170cm-188cm

It is important to invest in high-quality, properly fitting shin and instep guards to ensure maximum protection and comfort.