Super Fit Slim Mouth Guard

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Superfit Slim Shock Doctor Mouth Guard: The Speak Easy, Breath Easy High Performance Mouth Guard

Made with the latest technology and highest quality materials, the Ultra mouth guard is designed to fit perfectly to your teeth and gums for the ultimate shield against impact.

It also features InVent technology, which enhances your ability to speak and breathe while wearing it. So, you can focus on your opponent and compete without any hindrance.

  • - InVent tech for breathability & speakability
  • - Bio-Fit design
  • - Gel windows add shock absorption
  • - Gel-Fit Liner
  • - Low-temp fitting

The Shock Doctor Ultra is perfect for athletes who demand the best in performance and protection. It is specifically designed to absorb and distribute impact forces from high-velocity collisions, protecting your teeth, gums, and jaws from damage.