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White Elite JZ Judo Uniform

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Maximize Your Performance with Kusakura Elite JZ Judo White Japanese Uniform

The KuSakura JZ  Elite model judogi is designed for the serious martial artist who requires a durable and comfortable uniform for training.  One of our most loved training uniforms, valued for it's supreme comfort and softness.  You can't go wrong with this beautifully made uniform.

With its wider cut and generous "cross over", it allows for greater freedom of movement during training. Made from high-quality cotton, this gi is both durable and comfortable to wear. Weighing in at 650g/m, it is a medium weight gi that is perfect for both beginners and advanced martial artists alike.

Both jacket and pant are 100% cotton and have an 10% shrinkage factor (built into the size)

Whether you are a seasoned judoka or a beginner looking to improve your skills, the KuSakura JZ Elite model judogi is the perfect choice. 

With its superior quality and attention to detail, this gi is designed to provide you with years of use and enjoyment.