Wing Chun 3 Section Conditioning Bag

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Canvas Sand Bag for Wing Chun - Improve Your Techniques Today!

Used mainly in Wing Chun, Canvas Wall Bags are a staple for practicing punching drills and proper positioning. This Wing Chun Canvas Wall Bag gives the user the ability to hang from a wall or simply lying on a surface for striking practice. 

Hung on a wall, you’ll be able to practicing positioning and distancing, making sure your punches are aligned properly and your stances are strong. Due to the Canvas surface you’ll also get good hand conditioning, especially on the skin. Depending on what you choose to fill the bag with will depend on the hardness of the surface. 

Most people choose to fill with rice, sand or beans, I have heard for people using stone or marbles, but I don’t recommend this at all. Dried Mung Beans or Sand is best