WKF Approved Karate Shin and Instep

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Stay Safe and Compliant: WKF Approved Shin and Instep Protection by Tokaido Brand

Tokaido WKF Approved Shin & Foot Protectors are a must-have for any serious martial artist.

These full-length shin pads offer complete protection, from the top of your shin all the way down to the top of your foot. The removable instep protector adds an extra layer of defense for your feet.

Tokaido WKF Approved Shin & Foot Protectors, are full-length shin pads which guard your shin all the way down to the top of your foot to provide ultimate protection with removable instep protector. 


Shin guard length  -  instep length                                      

  • small -27cm - 20.3cm
  • med -29.5 - 22.3cm
  • large -31cm -24cm
  • xlrg  -32m -26cm
  • xxlrg -33cm -27cm

The shaped foam construction provides maximum comfort, while the resilient polyurethane lining ensures durability. With two extra wide velcro straps and a third strap across the calf, these shin guards offer a secure and comfortable fit. You can train and compete with confidence, knowing that you are wearing well-made WKF approved karate shin guards.