WKF Style Karate Shin and Insteps

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Protective and Stylish: Medium Size Blue and Red Shin Guards for Karate Practice

Our non brand WKF style blue and red shin and instep guards are made of durable P.U. material to withstand regular use during karate practice. We have designed them to offer protection and comfort to the wearer without compromising on quality.  

The non-branded WKF-style shin and instep guards are available in one size only, which is Medium. They come in both red and blue colours and are a great affordable option for those practicing karate.

Rest assured that these guards are made to last, so you can focus on perfecting your techniques without worrying about your equipment.  Toe straps under the instep guard help keep your foot securely in place as well as 3 shin - calf straps to prevent slipping and provide a secure tight fit for sparring.

It is important to note that these shin and instep guards are not offical World Karate Federation Approved they are an economical alternative.