Wooden Tanto Knife

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Enhance Your Aikido Techniques with a High-Quality Wooden Tanto for Self Defence

So you want to practice with a tanto knife but you're worried you'll cut yourself. Or maybe you're hosting self-defense classes and want a safe wooden knife that won't cut anyone. Well the Wooden Tanto Knife is just the thing for you.

This practice knife is made out of wood. Wooden tanto knives can also be used in combination with a wooden bokken and shoto.

These wooden tanto knives are 29cm long and perfect for use as a practice knife when working on weapon disarming techniques.

Not only is this great for self-defense training classes, but also works as a costume prop when your local convention doesn't allow real weapons.

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    Perfect Practice piece

    Posted by Ken Grange on 15th Nov 2021

    I needed a robust dagger for practice, plastic is ok but these are nice.