WT Adidas TKD Foot Sock

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Introducing the Adidas Foot Socks, your ultimate companion for Taekwondo and martial arts competitions!

Crafted with precision and expertise, these foot guards are designed to offer unparalleled protection and support for your feet. Size XS (24cm-24.5cm)

Tailored specifically for the dynamic movements of Taekwondo, these foot socks provide reliable defense for the back of your foot, ensuring you can kick with confidence and agility. Whether you're engaging in intense matches or honing your skills through pattern training with a partner, these guards have got you covered.

Constructed with a durable and adjustable structure, the Adidas Foot Socks boast a tight and secure fit, thanks to the black vero cover. This sturdy material ensures that the guards stay in place throughout your training sessions, preventing any unwanted slips or distractions.

Say goodbye to worries about your foot protection during matches – with the Adidas Foot Socks, you can focus solely on unleashing your full potential in the arena. Elevate your performance and embrace the winning edge with these essential martial arts accessories from Adidas.