WT Approved Junior Black Belt TKD Uniform

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Stand out with this stylish junior Black Belt Tae Kwon Do uniform

Another stylish V neck style uniform from Daedo Korea, famous in the Tae Kwon Do world for their outstanding quality and design. The poom uniform, is different in that the collar of the uniform (known as the V neck) is black and red and this is symbol of a young persons hard sweat and dedication to an intense martial arts as Tae Kwon do is!

  • "TAEKWONDO" embroidered on the back.
  • Pants with an elastic waist for greater movement.
  • no belt included
  • Stylish ribbed pattern on both Jacket and Pants.

Someone who wears this Daedo Poom uniform is a student who has fulfilled both academic and competence standards but does not exhibit the same degree of self-defence capacity as an adult.

This uniform is available in 4 sizes from 1.2m to 1.5m, to find the correct size is a matter of measuring your child's full height.  This unfiorm does not come with a belt (this must be purchased separately.

 Suitable for general everyday training and competitional use.