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Elevate Your Performance with WT Approved Generation 2 Electronic Foot Socks for Taekwondo

The Daedo WT GEN 2 E-Foot Protector is designed to provide superior protection and performance for taekwondo athletes.

Made with high-quality materials, these foot socks are designed for the competitor in mind. The innovative design features sensors in the instep, toes, heels, and on the side of the foot, allowing for accurate scoring during competition.

The socks are compatible with the new generation 2 electronic taekwondo sparring equipment, making them an essential piece of gear for any black belt participating in tournaments.

In addition to their advanced technology, the Daedo WT GEN 2 E-Foot Protector is also incredibly comfortable to wear. The socks are designed to fit snugly around the foot, providing support and stability during intense training and competition. The lightweight construction ensures maximum mobility and range of motion, allowing athletes to move freely and perform at their best.

With their WT approval, superior performance, and comfortable fit, these foot socks are the perfect choice for serious taekwondo competitors.

With sizing based on length of ones foot it is easy to work out the correct size you require.

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    Posted by Vongsa on 4th Sep 2023

    Pretty good ?

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    Foot socks

    Posted by Ken on 9th Mar 2023

    Best quality on the market

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    Posted by Hinemoa Tangaere on 26th Sep 2022

    Arrived on the day needed

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    Good quality

    Posted by Ken Rogers on 15th Apr 2021

    Good price

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