Wooden Bokken With Scabbard

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Train with Precision: Wooden Bokken with Scabbard

Bokken is a traditional wooden sword and it is commonly used for practicing sword techniques in Japanese martial arts, such as Iaido and Kenjutsu, it is used as a replacement to a real katana 

This bokken comes with a wooden scabbard (saya) and is perfect to help improve one's technique and form, another great feature of this bokken is it's black rope handle, allowing the handler to have a more secure grip while training.

This bokken is approx 40" in length and it's construction is of hard red oak wood. A tsuba (guard) is fixed to the wooden bokken for one's safety and adds a realistic touch.

Overall, a wooden bokken is a valuable training tool for martial arts enthusiasts to use to perform the skills of a samurai. Whether you are seeking to improve your technique, form, and mental discipline, this practice sword is a must have for all sword practitioners.

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    Bokken with wood scabbard

    Posted by Joel on 21st Jan 2023

    Such a beautiful set!
    Great price.
    Quality material and craftsmanship.
    Wanting to purchase another for my wife as well.